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Zeyfod Video Productions: What They Do?

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Zeyfod Video Productions is a company founded by Turkish people. They have emigrated from Turkey and they started their business Chandler, Arizona. They are in a search for new faces to hire because they need help in order to promote their brand and increase the recognition of their company’s name. Firstly, Zeyfod Video Productions can help you and your company with the concept of a video, script-writing, shooting, editing the video as well as duplication. From my experience, I am proud of the video I have made with the Zeyfod Company, since they really put all their efforts to make an amazing video about my company, which left a positive impression on me and my costumers.

For example, they have made a video for a carpet cleaning company in Chandler, AZ.

Their Specialties are as following:

  • You can schedule online. Water usage is 95% less than conventional methods; approximately 1 hour dry time.
  • Oxi Fresh is Green using All Natural Cleaning Agents.P1270788.JPG
  • Cleaned stains gone forever
  • Rapid one hour dry time
  • Using the soft drying – there will not be any crunchy residue
  • It is safe when it comes to children and pets
  • They are pet smell and stain removal experts
  • You can get convenient appointments
  • Also, free estimates over the phone are available
  • Oxi Fresh uses the strength of oxygen in order to naturally clean the carpets; their solutions are natural – using a powerful carpet cleaning system that is oxygenated; it is safe for children and pets.

What to expect:

When their professional employees goes to your home, they will examine all the areas that should be cleaned. This is your unique opportunity to notice any stains or high traffic areas that you have not noticed before.

In order to ensure the highest standards, you and the technician will together conduct a post-cleaning examination. By this, you will have your home clean and healthy.

Cleaning services provided:

  • Upholstery
  • Tile and Grout
  • Rental / Apartment Move Out
  • Area Rugs
  • Commercial

History of Oxi Fresh, Chandler, AZ

It is founded in 2006. They started as roofing company. Their number 1 goal is to go beyond expectations of their customers on every service call. As it was already mentioned, they use 95% less of the water that conventional systems do. Since they are able to eliminate waste water, they do their best to preserve the environment. Also, there I no waiting for 24h or more hours for carpets to dry; stains are removed, and you can be sure that you will not return them in 2, or 3 days.

The director of Oxi Fresh claims that he is more than satisfied with the collaboration with Zeyfod Video Productions. According to him, they have made a great video that enabled him increased brand recognition by various groups of people.

All in all, if you are a developing company, and in need to spread the news about your company, go ahead and contact Zeyfod Video Production to help you in doing so!

Zeyfod Video Productions: Who are They and What They Do

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Zeyfod Video Productions is a company started by Turkish people that emigrated from Turkey 3 years ago and they started business in 2013 in Texas, Austin. They look for new people to hire so as to help them promote their brand and increase the recognition of their company’s name. It is a bilingual company that is progressively developing in the moment.

video-productionThey deal with videos production that corporate, advertise, describes life events, music, cinematic, weddings, etc. If you need design services, they are the ones that can help you in doing this. Furthermore, they offer video and sound production of high quality, and graphic designing of websites and new logos. Despite that fact that they are in business for just 2 years, they still provide you with high quality assistance. Regardless the size and format, or the price of the project you wish to be done, they will focus on it in a great detail and professionally, as well. Although their main office is in Dallas, they are able to mobilize from town to town in order to provide you with their production services. Also, they provide online services, so you can contact them whenever you need and wherever you are. Their efforts speak for themselves! They are always opened to experience of collaboration with you on your new project.

So, in simple words, it is a complete Media, Television, Film, Video, Audio Production and Post-Production Company. They also offer duplication, shooting and editing of a video, as well as concept and script-writing. It can be said for sure that you will be proud of the video made in the collaboration with Zeyfod Video Productions, because they will put all their efforts to present your company in a positive way. No doubt that they will help you impress your clients by presenting them the video. You can rely on the quality of their work and efficiency that will exceed the expectations of your clients. They will always make sure to take time to pay enough attention to each and every customer of yours and to the project that is being done. The goal of your collaboration with Zeyfod Video Productions should be multimedia presentation that is powerful and dynamic! They are extremely professional, creative, and dedicated.


More details:

Their office is opened from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM every day during the week; however, you can contact them on their website on weekends, as well.

They are a computerized company that uses various digital means for production of videos including digital three-chip DVC-Pro cameras that are being used by many popular Broadcast Television Stations.

Prices are affordable and reasonable in comparison to the quality of their production of videos. They can produce videos for various kinds of businesses, institutions (from schools to churches), homes, weddings, promotional videos for your company, and so on.

Their primary goal is to work successfully, to bring success to you and provide your clients with feeling of satisfaction!

Merhaba dünya!

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